What is CBD, BioFit 360, CBD, hemp oil

CBD seems to be everywhere these days — in drugstores, supermarkets, mall kiosks, on the radio, online—even on billboards. But what’s all the buzz really about?

what is cbd, hemp oil, BioFit, BioFit 360, CBDJust what is CBD, beyond the dashing darling du jour of the health and wellness industry? You can get a CBD massage, give your dog CBD treats, even wash your hair with CBD shampoo!  Most people have a vague understanding that it has something to do with cannabis, but beyond that, the details are fuzzy.

We know it’s confusing — especially since some people are being a little crafty about the CBD messages they’re sending.  But as a savvy consumer, you understand the value of doing your homework on anything you put in or on your body. So we’re providing a primer to answer some basic questions.

For starters, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a natural chemical compound, or molecule, found in most living things, both plant and animal (including humans). It was first identified in 1940, and extremely large concentrations of it were found in cannabis plants.

What is CBD, BioFit 360, CBD, hemp oilIn fact, CBD “is one of 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants, and accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract,” according to Wikipedia.

But not all cannabis plants are created equal. the marijuana plant, for example, contains CBD, but it also contains a large concentration of THC (the main psychoactive compound that gives the “high” sensation). Industrial hemp, on the other hand, is a cannabis plant that contains less than .3 percent THC—not enough to make you blink.

CBD products like BioFit 360 are derived from the industrial hemp plant, and will not get you high. They are also legal in all 50 states, while products derived from the marijuana plant are not. When considering buying CBD products, it’s very important to make sure that they’re derived from organic industrial hemp plants grown in the USA, where regulations demand that plants and products contain no harmful toxins.

Now that you know what CBD is, you’re probably wondering what CBD can do for you.

Wikipedia reports that “in 2018, clinical research on cannabidiol included preliminary studies of anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain.

Live Science reports that “according to ClinicalTrials.gov, a federal database of accredited clinical trials worldwide, there are about 150 trials in progress that are testing CBD as a treatment for a wide variety of health conditions, including autism, alcoholism, skin conditions and schizophrenia. For their part, the CMCR is conducting rigorous studies of CBD for its potential to treat schizophrenia and autism.”

ClinicalTrials.gov also reports that there are more than 400 additional studies that include the use of CBD in one form or another, some of them analyzing CBD’s potential effect on Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Dementia, Diabetes, PTSD, Psoriatic Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation and more.

While the jury is still out on CBD’s effect on most of these diseases and conditions. Many doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other medical professionals will tell you that they have had excellent results treating pain, anxiety and inflammation with CBD products like BioFit 360. And many of those individuals who have used them rave about them.

Now that you know that CBD is a natural chemical compound already found in your system, and that high quality CBD products derived from USA-grown industrial hemp are likely toxin-free and will not get you high, and that they may have the potential to alleviate pain, anxiety and inflammation, you can feel a lot better about trying CBD out for yourself. Fact or fad? You decide.

What is CBD, hemp oil, BioFit 360, BioFit 360 CBD