Why hassle the crowds on Valentine’s Day, or any day, when you can make your home a retreat with these comfy, cozy finds?

Yes, BioFit 360 is all about the soothing CBD, but we’re also about the comfort — from any source you can find. To prove that, we went on the lookout for all sorts of goodies that would help make your home a retreat — things to wear, things to eat, things to splurge on — even things for your four-legged fur baby.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, (or your birthday, or President’s Day, or Monday) home alone this year, or in the company of people you care about, why not make it extra special? The following items don’t cost a lot, but can make a BIG difference. C’mon — treat yourself. You’re worth it!

Comfy, cozy essentials to make your home a retreat


CBD Chocolates

CBD Chocolate Valentines Box, CBD Chocollates, Make Your Home a Retreat
Number one on the list (of course) are our fabulous CBD chocolates. What other gift tastes divine, yet has the potential to improve your mood, your heart rate and your blood pressure, while reducing your pain, inflammation and anxiety? BioFit 360 has spiced up the CBD chocolates concept by creating chocolate hearts with 15mg of CBD in each, and packaging them in a glorious red gift box. Each box contains nine chocolates— five dark and four milk chocolates, prettily wrapped in foil. The best Valentines gift in the world for only $29? Yes please!




Grandma’s Chicken Soup and Mac & Cheese

CBD, Comfort food, make your home a retreatIf CBD chocolates are a sweet medicinal treat, Grandma’s Chicken soup with noodles AND matzo balls is a savory treat that will also cure what ails you. Add a pan of mac & cheese to that order, plus a loaf of delicious challah and a double chocolate bundt-type cake, and you have the ultimate comfort meal. There may be a lot more carbs and fat (all that schmaltz!) involved than you’re used too, but c’mon — live a little! This is a bit of a pricy splurge: $101.50 for the food, and shipping costs anywhere from $14.00 if you live in New York to $75 if you live across country for next day shipping. We selected 2-day shipping, and had to pay $41.00, but it’s worth it!



The Comfy

CBD, Make your home a retreat, the comfyThe comfy, make your home a retreat, CBDThis could be the comfiest, coziest, most decadent item of apparel ever created. The Comfy is a cross between a sweatshirt and a blanket, made of sherpa fleece on one side and lush velour on the other. It’s reversible and comes in many different colors. Not only is it good for snuggling on the couch, but you can also use it at nighttime concerts, outdoor plays, football games and beach bonfires. It’s like wearing a hug, even when you’re home alone. Price: $39.99. Available on Amazon.


Pawsitively delightful fleece slippers

Valentines Day at HomeKeep your feet snuggly and warm, and feed 35 shelter animals at the same time! That’s what happens when you buy any of the mostly pet-themed items from TheAnimalRescueSite.GreaterGood.com. This luxuriously soft slipper bootie has a high top that can be folded down, and PVC traction on the soles to help prevent slipping on cold floors. Vibrant prints keep things cheery. BTW, know that they run a bit large.They were on sale last time we checked, only $9.00, marked down from $16.95.




BioFit 360 Valentines Gift Set

CBD Subscription, Valentine gift bag, CBD, relief cream, vegan CBD gummiesBeats the heck out of jewelry as a gift for that special someone, or for yourself. Nothing looks better on you than a pain free, anxiety free, well rested expression, and BioFit 360’s Valentines Gift Set has the potential to accomplish all three. The Relief Cream is perfect for a massage, massage, the Calm Sleep Tincture will help you sleep tight even after eating all that chocolate, and the vegan Relax Gummies are there for you to relax and enjoy the show. Price $150.





Comfy, cozy essentials to make your home a retreat for your fur baby


BioPet 360 Relief CBD Tincture

BioPet, BioFit CBD Pet tincture, CBD for pets

Your evening may go a little smoother for all involved with the soothing, calming effects of BioPet 360 CBD Relief Tincture. If Fido and/or Fifi are in pain or just plain stressed out by visitors, loud noises, etc., a dropper or two of this miracle tincture can chill them right down, alleviate their aches and pains, and make them feel young again. (By the way, the human version of the Relief Tincture can do the same for you). Price: $34. (On sale — it’s usually $64!)






Festive Bandanas


CBD, CBD Oil, Dog Valentine

There are not one, not two, but three bright colored, polyester bandanas in this jolly pack — plenty for friends. BioFit360 Ambassadog Frankie Feldman gave the extras to his BFFs Stewart the Aussie Doodle and Bob the Cat, and scored major points with their humans by giving them a box of CBD chocolates.  The bandanas are made of polyester, so they’re both washable and durable — drooling is not an issue. Price: 14.69 on Amazon







Connect Your Hearts Pull Toy

Valentines Day at Home

Who’s little Schmoopie doesn’t tug at the heartstrings? That can literally happen with this fun “Midlee Interlocking Heart Rope Valentine Dog Toy.” This set of three rope hearts, each about 6″ by 6″ in Valentine colors, will help you wear out your doggie love playing fetch or tug-of-war, so you can do what you want to do in piece, maybe with your furry loved one curled peacefully nearby. Price: $16.99 on Amazon.




Conversation Hearts for Dogs

Valentines Day at Home

So the conversation hearts for humans are all messed up this year, but you can depend on these larger and more nourishing conversation hearts for dogs. Frankie loves that the bakers used a healthy honey oat recipe with whole wheat flour, oats, canola oil, and brewer’s yeast. The icing is made of yogurt, believe it or not. You get three hearts iced in red, white and pink that say: Puppy Love, Kiss Me, and Hug Me.You also get four smaller treats, two X’s and two O’s. Elle King would be so proud! Price: $14.99 on Amazon.


Why hassle the crowds on Valentine’s Day, or any day, when you can make your home a retreat with these comfy, cozy finds?