Happy Father’s Day to You!

This is a Group of Good Guys. Fathers, All of Them.

It is with great appreciation that we introduce some of our behind-the-scenes-father-warriors: Kevin, Jon, Aaron, Samiu, and Paul. Please note that all of our staff, male and female, are warriors – we really should do genetic testing and hire only those with the warrior gene… it seems to be working well for us.

We have sat together working countless hours and laughed boisterously and sometimes in the same day, went intensely toe-to-toe practically yelling at one another. Then later still, laughed at and with one another.

Thankfully, we share respect in our workspace. Deep respect for the work and perspective that each person brings to the table. Each one of us has enough humility to smile and nod and recognize our own shortcomings. We get over the shortcomings and move on to get the work done. We share values, a mission, and a belief in one another and ourselves.

We also recognize that work is work but family comes first. That’s a deep value of ours. We are here to help our Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Spouses, Daughters, and Sons…

We thank Kevin, Jon, Aaron, Samiu, and Paul for their blessed most important job, being Dads. Between them, they have daughters and sons, ranging from 5 years old to 30 years old.  It’s been an additional gift to our small work-family to meet their children and to see these young people emerging into our larger community making it a better place for us all. 

These men are special. And it is a special day to celebrate special men. We celebrate them alongside our own fathers this Father’s Day and recognize our gratitude for them as part of our team.

From Our Work Family, Happy Father’s Day to You!

Heather & The BioFit 360 Team