Benefits of CBD Isolate

Have you ever been curious about CBD, but were worried about getting high” or testing positive on a random drug test for work? Not sure about how it will help your pain or anxiety? 

If you answered yes, then a CBD Isolate is the best product for you! BioFit’s new Isolate Oils come in two delicious flavors to choose from and provide all the amazing benefits of CBD, without the risks of THC.  

What is CBD Isolate? 

CBD Isolate is just as it sounds, the purest form of CBD. During the extraction process, all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and THC are removed, and just CBD is leftThis makes CBD Isolate a perfect match for individuals seeking relaxation and inflammation relief, without the stress of failing a drug test or being inhibited by THC or other cannabinoids. 

Although the other natural terpenes and cannabinoids are not present, this does not make CBD Isolate any less potent. CBD itself is known for its affects with reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia, and pain/inflammation.  

Benefits of CBD Isolate 

CBD Isolate is used in a variety of different CBD products, such as oils, edibles, and topicals. This is because once extracted, CBD Isolate is essentially flavorless and colorless, which makes it easy to formulate into a delicious edible treat or add to any recipe without impacting the flavor of the dish with the stereotypical ”weed” flavor that other CBD products may have if they use Full or Broad Spectrum CBD. We love to add our Mint Chocolate Isolate Oil to our morning tea or coffee to help get the day started right. We also love adding our Orange Cream to our smoothies for an after-work stress relieving treat! 

CBD Isolate is also great for:  

  • People who are sensitive to or prefer products without THC or other cannabinoids 
  • If you live in a state or have an occupation with strict THC laws 
  • Adding to your favorite recipes (as it has little to no flavor) to get relief anytime of the day 

    CBD Isolate is a favorite among professional athletes, blue-collar professionals, and healthcare workers for its lack of THC. This allows for these individuals to partake in the full benefits of CBD, without the risk of failing a drug test.  

    If you’ve ever been curious about what CBD can do for you, a CBD Isolate product such as our amazing BioFit Isolates are a great way to dip your toes into the world of CBD.