Pain Management & CBD

Talking about pain can be difficult.

Conversations about pain are worth having: How would you rate your pain? Where do you feel pain? What are you doing to manage your pain? What is working? When do you have break-through or pain flares?
On a daily basis, 1 in 5 Americans is dealing with chronic pain: these can range from low-back, hip, knee, or other joint pain, chronic migraines, endometriosis, gut-related and auto-immune pain like Crohn's, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.
That means daily, over twenty million people suffer from difficult-to-manage sensations in the body and in the brain.
Unfortunately, those same Americans are more likely to suffer anxiety and depression, poor quality of life, and social or work restrictions related to their chronic pain.

Pain is the #1 Reason Doctors Get Visits from Patients AND It’s Why We Are Here.

Helping people to manage pain is the beginning of why BioFit360 started. Our team has been in healthcare for decades and in 2018 when the CDC created some new protocols to reduce opioid use, we began investigating ALL possibilities to help patients manage pain.
We have thousands of patients that we interact with throughout health systems. There’s no doubt that we here at BioFit360 are aware of and deal with, the daily conversation about pain management with patients and our customers.

Is CBD effective when used in pain management?

In short, yes, but it’s not a magic bullet. It is a reliable tool that should be used to help provide additional relief.
We work with physical therapists and physicians that assist patients with management plans that include CBD. The process of helping someone manage pain is not easy. Because pain is very complicated: The SOURCE of the pain cannot always be cured.
What is most important to understand is this: CBD offers an effective tool to help as a supplement in pain management protocols. It is so important to know that CBD doesn’t have a toxicity level. It doesn’t have drug-to-drug interactions because CBD is not a drug and in fact, is already made by your own brain.
Our bodies already make CBD and already have receptors specifically for CBD. Whether you are taking CBD orally or topically, your receptors throughout your body are READY to receive CBD. In other words, your body is ready to use CBD right now and any CBD you consume can help your body to reduce inflammation and reduce pain.
What’s more, taking CBD as an added part of your pain management plan does not conflict with supplements or medications. The body does not build a tolerance to CBD. No patient will ever become “dependent upon CBD”. Not ever.

Essentially, CBD is an amazing, safe, natural, and legal tool to help people to improve pain management.

What we have found is that CBD helps to intercept some of the pain-feedback-loop to relieve anxiety, depression, AND to help promote the production of endorphins: hormones that help to manage pain. In short, CBD can be a powerful tool that doesn’t “quick fix” pain but when used consistently, CBD does offer relief, rest, improved mood, better sleep, and is a reliable tool to help the body heal incrementally.
We encourage you to speak with your care provider(s) about your pain. Most importantly, we encourage you to seek those that believe you in your assessment of your pain. It is incredibly important to have an assessment of your pain, to have a support team that is working with you to create a management plan, and to intercept the pain-feedback-loop to improve your pain management outcomes.

Feel Better. Do Better. Be Better.