5 Benefits of CBD Oil for Seniors

It’s never easy to watch the people you love get older, especially when their aging process comes with side effects like chronic pain, sleepless nights and other issues that keep your parents from enjoying life to the fullest.

If you have a parent struggling with some of the more stressful aspects of the aging process, CBD oil can be a safe and natural option for relief. Anne, a 72-year-old mother of two and a grandmother of 5, describes the CBD tincture she uses as "youth in a bottle." The first thing your parents will probably want to know about CBD is that it’s not like marijuana, and will not get them high. Sure, CBD is a cannabinoid found in plants classified as cannabis, but it's very different from THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient found in pot, or marijuana, also a cannabis plant. CBD derived from industrial hemp (not marijuana) contains no THC and can offer relief from many symptoms of aging, without the potentially harmful effects of THC. It's really important that your parents understand this, and it might take a little convincing on your part. Unless your parents were of a certain group who came of age in the '60s and '70s, in which case they might be more than fine with all things cannabis-related. But once the reluctant hear about these five potential benefits of CBD oil, they might just wonder what took you didn't tell them about it sooner.

Pain Relief

    Almost one-fourth of all US adults suffer from some type of arthritis, and it can significantly impact their quality of life. CBD oil has been shown to have a positive effect on chronic pain, including the discomfort associated with arthritic conditions, as well as random joint and muscle aches and pains. Then the there's the soreness that can result from many physical activities — CBD topical creams can help them all

    More Restful Nights

      Insomnia can be a problem at any age, but seniors tend to struggle with sleepless nights more often. Sleep deprivation can increase the risk of falls and accidents and affect a person’s ability to function well throughout the day — we've all experienced that. CBD oil can address factors that contribute to insomnia, such as anxiety, pain, and stress.

      Stronger Bones

        As we age, our bones lose vital density that can leave them brittle and prone to fractures. Some studies suggest that CBD benefits include strengthening bones while reducing inflammation and cell degeneration that can increase the risk of falls and fractures. If a fracture does occur, CBD oil may even support the healing process.

        Reduced Cognitive Decline

          Some new studies are suggesting CBD oil may be beneficial in preserving cognitive function in older adults. One study determined that cannabinoids like CBD could provide anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects that could help people with neurodegenerative conditions. While the jury is still out, it is very possible that if your parent takes CBD for other reasons, it could also improve cognitive function as well.

          Mood Enhancement

            Age-related changes, such as declining health and increased discomfort or loneliness, can affect your parent’s mood. Depression happens. Stress and anxiety can also increase as aging adults find things more difficult than they used to be. CBD has the ability to combat anxiety and depression, and boost and regulate moods.

            Can the Benefits of CBD Oil Help Your Parents?

            When considering the benefits of CBD oil for your parents, make sure you choose a full-spectrum formulation derived from the hemp plant. In addition, be certain that those hemp plants are organically grown, and contain no GMOs. All BioFit 360 products meet those standards.

            Dr. Bridget Briggs explains how CBD can help battle the aches and pains many seniors experience without making them feel 'high' or negatively interacting with other drugs.

            Are you ready to introduce your parents to the benefits of CBD oil? Check out BioFit 360 today to learn more about our products and find out which ones might be right for your loved ones.