Epic Series Challenge

Epic Series Obstacle Challenge, CBD, CBD oil, BioFit360

BioFit360 CBD had so much fun and helped so many athletes at the Epic Series Obstacle Challenge events last year, we’ve decided to become Presenting Sponsors in 2020. Our first outing in that capacity is coming up on Saturday and Sunday, March 28-29 in Fresno, CA.

Epic Series ChallengeYes, BioFit’s intrepid crew, which often includes Ambassadog Frankie Feldman, is headed to the Raisin Capital of the world to help amateur athletes on that remarkable traveling obstacle course, and beyond in their everyday lives

“Not only do we get the chance to meet a lot of great people, but we also have the opportunity to introduce them to our organic, therapeutic-dosed CBD products,” says Katelin Mabry, BioFit360 Director of Operations and team manager for the Epic Series events.

She recommends the following products for everyone from serious athletes to those who work out casually:


Relief Cream This topical cream is great for any athlete with a targeted pain point. Whether it’s joint pain, sore muscles or general inflammation, our Relief Cream is fast acting and effective. There are 500mg of CBD per 2oz jar. We’ve found that concentration to be an effective, therapeutic dose. We’ve received amazing feedback from users of this cream; it’s great for reducing pain and inflammation. It’s a thicker cream so a little bit goes a long way.

Tinctures: BioFit360 tinctures have the fastest delivery method for those who need results fast! Our 1,000mg tinctures have about 33mg of CBD per full dropper and they contain less than 0.3% THC. The tinctures are made with natural ingredients to provide different benefits such as reducing inflammation and promoting cellular recovery. They’re phenomenal at reducing overall inflammation fast!

Relax  Vegan Gummies: These are perfect for athletes on the go to help promote focus and improve their game. There are 30mg of CBD per gummy and they are completely THC FREE (0.00%). Some competitors used  Relief Cream and Relax Gummies both before and after they competed, and said they made a real difference. And those who used our Revive and Relief tinctures said they helped with quick recovery afterwards.”

But our support doesn’t stop with providing excellent products. We’re also offering discount codes! Who doesn’t love a good discount code? Use BIOFIT360 for 20% off when signing up on the Epic Series website. Use EPIC10 on the BioFit360 website for a 10% discount on all products.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Epic Series Obstacle Challenge, it’s a hybrid obstacle course race (OCR) that combines elements of cross-training, weightlifting and traditional obstacle course racing, without the mud or long-distance running. By creating obstacles that have Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced options, EPIC Series opens up obstacle course racing to a wider audience of fitness enthusiasts.

Epic Series Obstacle Challenge, CBD, CBD oil, BioFit360

Epic Series Obstacle Challenge, CBD, CBD oil, BioFit360Among of the aspects that we like best is the family-friendly Kids Course, a kid-sized version of the obstacles and strength challenges seen in the adult courses. We also like that fact that many cross-fit gyms send whole teams, made up of their workout participants, to compete and support each other. It’s a very good-natured event.

Surprisingly, it’s not an intimidating event. The EPIC course is a fitness experience for all levels. This is the one course where you and your coach can run together and still be challenged. Think less running and more obstacles, but those obstacles come in a variety of heights and weights. You do the four foot wall and your coach does the six foot wall. You do the 35 lb stone while the muscly people do the 95 lb. stone. The best athletes in town can compete against each other, while the the rest of us can compete against our peers, or against ourselves.

In addition to the Fresno event, There will be Epic Series Obstacle Course competitions in Victorville, Oregon, San Jose, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Las Vegas and San Diego throughout the year. We’ll keep you posted.