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Journalist Lisa Johnson Mandell says the unexpected benefits of CBD tincture help keep her abloom, ablaze and alert every day.


BioFit 360 Revive Tincture helps Lisa go from ‘blah’ to ‘ah.’ Find out what it can do for you.

I’m going to admit right up front that I’m working for BioFit 360. But before you dismiss this for bias, know that the first time I tried the Revive Tincture, neither I, nor my trusty labradoodle Frankie Feldman, was employed by the company, as we are now. As a matter of fact, that astounding tincture was one of the things that convinced me to leave a fabulous job writing about outrageous celebrity homes, and to cast my fate with this new enterprise.

If that Revive Tincture hadn’t kept me alive, alert, awake, focused, powered me right through my daily coffee breaks and actually suppressed my appetite, I’d probably be traipsing through Kim Kardashian’s 127th home right now, instead of writing about something that can make a positive difference in people’s lives. Really, does anyone need to read about another Kardashian casa? The prospect of using my skills and experience to actually help people is another reason I’m here writing to you now.

This is how it all went down: A person close to me who is affiliated with a major medical services company in Southern California told me his team had started a CBD company, and asked if I would like to become involved professionally, assisting in getting the word out. Knowing absolutely nothing about CBD, but knowing a lot about the extreme integrity and, ok, business acumen of the guy recruiting me, I said I’d be open to a meeting.

BioFit 360 ReviveThat meeting started out with an invitation to try a dropper-full of the Revive Tincture—they were curious about my response to the taste, more than anything else. I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t great. But it wasn’t objectionable either. As a former food critic and super taster, I’ve had worse.

I didn’t really have time to notice the tincture’s effects until after that eight hour meeting, when I should have felt exhausted and burned out, but was uncharacteristically chipper. Taking inventory, the Revive Tincture had enabled me to power right through my usual 10:00 am drowsy period without the customary coffee or sugar rush. At lunch break, I ordered a salad to be polite, but merely pushed the greens around on my plate, because I just wasn’t hungry. I returned to the meeting still invigorated, and again, powered through my 3:00 drowsies, without caffeine, sugar or a nap. I want to say I lost a pound that day.

Not only that, but I was remarkably lucid (for me) and invigorated, without feeling buzzed or hyper. I was focused, pulling ideas, facts and numbers out of my head that I’d forgotten I knew. At my advanced age (let’s just say closer to 60 than 50), this was a revelation! I felt as if my mind (and my bones) were not turning to Swiss cheese after all! Such a relief! (but that’s a whole ‘nother tincture.)

Now there are all sorts of biological reasons CBD has this effect on me. When you add it to the Frankincense, Nigella Sativa, Ginger, Sandalwood, Sangre de Grado, Cat’s Claw, Sunflower Lecithin and Vitamin E Oil to the 1000mg CBD contained in Revive Tincture, you have quite the potent compound.

I just wanted to fill you in on how the Revive Tincture helps me, personally, every day of the week day. On the weekends, it’s all about the CBD gummies. More on that later.

Do you have an interesting story about the benefits of CBD tincture or any of BioFit 360’s other products? We’d love to hear it! Contact us at info@biofit360. We’ll send you a little something special for your efforts.

Journalist Lisa Johnson Mandell says the unexpected benefits of CBD tincture help keep her abloom, ablaze and alert every day.